Friday, July 26, 2019

P&L on the Market: 5313 St. Albans Way

A few weeks ago, someone gave me the heads up on this property, and of course, I promptly forgot the address. So when this popped up on my Google alerts, I remembered it was the same house.
This house is first mentioned in the June 1931 issue of  the Roland Park magazine, as it appeared on the cover. 

Honestly, this could be any number of houses in Homeland, but the "story" on page 7 tells the story (briefly).

Sadly, it looks like the old cherry tree is gone, but there might be another one in its place.
There are still beautiful and lush gardens on the property, though.
The house has four bedrooms, plus a huge master bedroom suite,
with a wonderful terrace just outside a set of French doors. 

With a lot of these houses, it's hard to discern what's left of the original interior architecture and design. Of course, the kitchens and bathrooms are the first to be updated. 

However, it looks like they might have kept the original pantry and cabinets! Always a good thing. They also kept what look like the original casement windows.

This house is on the market for $714k and might possibly have a contract pending. You can see the full listing here

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