Friday, March 10, 2023

No. 2 St. John's Road

Palmer and Lamdin had a style of houses which they referred to as "Charleston" or Southern Colonial style, which has been objected to by friends who actually know Charleston architecture. These houses are smaller than the usual P&L houses and have almost none of their distinctive hallmarks. You can find them scattered around Roland Park and Homeland. 

In Roland Park, there is a group of four or five along Roland Avenue, just south of Longwood Road, and then turning the corner on to St. John's Road. The ones in Homeland are along Middleton Court and the east side of Springlake Way near the lakes.

This house is No. 2 St. John's Road, and I found the listing for it here. It last sold in 2017. It's not an unattractive house, but it really lacks the cachet that their other designs have.