Tuesday, December 10, 2019

1020 St. Paul Street: P&L's HQ

On St. Paul Street, just after the intersection of E. Chase Street, you will most likely miss an unassuming two-story building in the shadow of the old Algonquin Hotel. 
But you'd be missing something special. This little Art Deco-style building was the HQ of Palmer & Lamdin. It was designed by William Lamdin, a fact which was mentioned in his obituary in 1945. 
However, there was a building there as far back as 1893, as evidenced by the owner, Parks Fisher, being one of a number of residents asking the city to re-pave the road. A few years later a small terrier was lost and was requested to be returned to 1020 St. Paul. 
In the 1930's mention is made of the building being torn down, and the current building being erected. 

In 1940, it was awarded an architecture prize.
In 1972, the building was cited as one of the outstanding examples of Art Deco architecture in Baltimore in an article by the critic, John Dorsey in the Baltimore Sun Magazine. 

The building is still in use today, although looking a bit more forlorn than in days past. Baltimore Heritage took these pictures a few years ago. 
It would be great to have someone rescue this charming little building and return it to its former glory, steel casement windows and all!

Update: Someone has renovated the building, thankfully! 

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Biltmore Country Club, Asheville, NC

In 1922, Edward Palmer received an interesting out-of-town commission. Mrs. Edith Vanderbilt, widow of George W. Vanderbilt acquired land for the town of Biltmore Forest from the Biltmore Estate in 1920. Included in the plans was a site for a country club. 
The now-historic clubhouse covers 47,495 square feet, and contains a club room, the main dining room, a private dining room, a grill room, casual and formal bars, a meeting room, a dining porch and terrace, the pro shop, a fitness center, locker rooms AND nineteen guest bedrooms. 
The noted architect, Walter Schamu, had a chance to visit the Biltmore CC on a recent trip to North Carolina and was kind enough to share his pictures with me. 
And here are a few other images I swiped off the internet. 
And an old postcard from the 1920's. 
Biltmore Forest CC is a private, members-only, invitation-only club, so pictures of it are pretty scarce!