Thursday, June 20, 2019

P&L on the Market: 4301 Greenway

Personally, I think it's to a realtor's advantage to mention that the property on offer is a Palmer & Lamdin-designed house. Even almost a century after some of them were built, they hold their looks, and certainly, their value. 
This house on Greenway in Guilford is just lovely, and the price is great, too. While the address is Greenway, the entrance is on Millbrook. It is set on a slight rise, and behind a lot of trees and bushes, so it's semi-secluded, which might be a great selling point. It is sited on a double lot, so plenty of room!

The house has some of the funny quirky details that were hallmarks of a P&L house, this one built in 1926, although this article says 1929. 

The chimneys, the double-height bays on either side of the house, the combination of stone- and brick-work, and other details really make this house, 

The interiors also reflect the P&L aesthetic, with details like the inset china cabinet, 

the arched doorways throughout the house
and the abundance of wood. 

This house has five bedrooms, four baths, and two fireplaces, plus an elevator. It's on the market for $750,000 and you can find the details here

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