Tuesday, April 6, 2021

No. 4 Millbrook Road

No. 4 Millbrook Road is probably one of Palmer & Lamdin's least interesting houses, as far as I can discern. It's basically a four-square Colonial design, with none of P&L's trademark details. It was built in 1926, the same time as they were building some of their spectacular houses including 231 Chancery Road, the Gateway Houses, and 3707 Greenway

I am wondering if the first floor windows were originally casement windows. And do you think that the sunporch on the left side of the house needs more windows?

There's a curious addition on the back of the house that I am still trying to understand. 

This might help a little. 

Anyway... not their best work. Here's the listing for the house from 2018. 

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