Wednesday, May 20, 2020

On the Market: Possible P&L on Winding Way

I write a column every other week for Baltimore Fishbowl called Hot House. I get to peruse the local real estate listings to see what is on the market. I've asked friends who are real estate agents to clue me in when they find P&L properties. 

I suspect this week's Hot House is a P&L design because of the "tells" that are characteristic of their houses. Starting at the front, details include: 
1) the chimneys with diamond turned-brick details,
 2) the steel casement windows, 
3) the multi-layered façade that advances and recedes,
and 4) the mix of stone and brick, including a variety of brickwork bonds.

Some of the other details, include this wonderful staircase, 
and this loggia with stone and brick arches.
It's always a good thing thing when a real estate listing comes with a floor plan, as it makes it so much easier to visualize the property.
It's mandatory in real estate listings in the UK, complete with measurements, and I wish they'd do it here. The quirky lay-out is another P&L tell. 

The best part of this house is the Google Street View image.
Bless her heart. At least she's weeding. 

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