Wednesday, August 21, 2019

In the Wild: 2301 Ken Oak Road

I was searching in for some information about a P&L house, and I noticed that Lamdin's name had been mis-spelled as Lambdin. It's an easy mistake, but I thought that I should search on Palmer & Lambdin and see what came up. And I hit a gold mine of new information!
One of the houses mentioned was at 2301 Ken Oak Road. So I headed over to check it out and wasn't entirely satisfied with what I saw... mainly because there was a fence and a lot of bushes blocking my view. Hrumph. But I understood, as there's a bus stop literally right in front of the property.
After I sulked for a minute or two, I drove around to the other side of the house and that's where I found the address and what look like the front of the house. 
We are assuming the large, windowless section on the left is a garage... but it's odd that there are no windows, and you'd have to enter it from the far left, not the rear, as there look to be trees abutting that section. I checked Google Street-View and there's an alley running along the left side of the house, confirming it is indeed a garage. But it still needs windows.

There is not much information about the house, except this from a recent Zillow listing. 
Beautiful, one-of-a-kind greystone (Butler quarry), English-style home, designed by Palmer-Lamdin firm, and built in 1937,with no expense spared. Original blueprints and construction contact on hand. Two working fireplaces, spacious living area, lots of book shelves, screened outdoor gazebo, and large in-ground pool, many mature oaks, poplars, dogwoods, azaleas, rhododendrons and native plant species.
If you look closely, you can see the P&L signature "double-diamond" chimney on the right. This house is later in their careers, but it retains all of the charm of their earlier work.

There is not much information about the house, but I did find this 1975 real estate ad for it.

Interestingly, no price is listed. And I am not sure I'd really term this as Tudor, maybe English Country Cottage style.


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  2. If you want details about this house, you should message me, as I lived there from 1976-1990.