Monday, April 24, 2023

On (and Off) the Market: 3803 St. Paul Street

This great Palmer & Lamdin house was on and off the market in a flash. Actually, it probably never went on the open market, but was snatched up before it ever hit the MLS. The house sits at the corner of St. Paul Street and St. Martin's Road on a double lot, but it's set back, so you can't see it very well. There are only exterior shots of this house, but it is very indicitive of P&L's style in the early 1930s. Enjoy!

Here is the original advertisement for the house, which looks to have been built in 1929. 
Here is a 1931 advertisement for the house. I wonder if it took that long to sell (it was during the Depression!).

By 1951, the house has morphed from "Charleston" design to Georgian! Update: The new owner of 3803 said that this is absolutely not a description of her house, mainly because of the mention of a third floor. There may have been a typo in the listing!

In 1983, it was described as "New Orleans" style!

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