Wednesday, April 26, 2023

5504 St. Alban's Way, Homeland

Historic Homes of Baltimore, a great Instagram feed, posted these then-and-now photos of 5504 St. Alban's Way in Homeland yesterday.

Here's what he had to say about this house: 

A Georgian Revival stone home in Homeland, designed by Palmer and Lamdin and built in 1932. The first picture is from a few weeks ago and the second picture was taken by The Roland Park Company (accessed via the JHU archives), likely circa 1940 - it hasn't changed much!

You'll notice, originally the shutters on the first level were white, while the second story shutters were dark and louvered (with the slats). I believe this was because the upstairs shutters would be closed for sleeping (hence the darker color) and the angled slats allowed the breeze to come in (if the windows were open) during the summer months, obviously in a time before air conditioning. Today, they’ve been painted a uniform red color (possibly the original color, it’s hard to tell).

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