Tuesday, December 28, 2021

12 Middleton Court

It always amazes me when I Google and come up with an old listing for a P&L house. This is exactly how I found a 2017 real estate listing for No. 12 Middleton Court. I've written about Middleton Court before, but the Court in general, not a specific house. 

Middleton Court is on the south side of Homeland and is about 12 houses accessed by a small footpath down the center.

The houses have an alley behind them for parking and car access (Robin Lane and Pasture Lane). The style is always referred to as "Charleston" or Southern Colonial style, although some people dispute that's what it really is!

The houses are all white-washed brick and are architecturally similar, with four bedrooms and three baths.

Number 12 is on the corner of the Court and Paddington Road, so is set slightly differently from the others.

As I was checking the listing, I was surprised to see a framed elevation of the house, with Palmer & Lamdin's signature block in the upper right corner.

Too bad the images are of such low quality, thus I couldn't get a good screen grab of it! 

The 2017 listing is here

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