Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Renovations at St. Paul Court

I drive by St. Paul Court almost every day on my way to work, after picking up my daily bagel. In recent weeks, I have noticed that there is some work going on at the building. Scaffolding has gone up and dumpsters are on the street. 

When I went to pick up lunch the other day, I was able to snap a picture.

It looks like the building is being re-stuccoed. Workmen have taped off the windows and are chipping off the old (and probably original) stucco. They are re-applying the stucco and re-painting it. I am hoping they leave the original details alone. I guess after nearly 100 years, that it was time for a facelift.  

I drove by recently, and they've done a lot more work. It looks like they are keeping the details. 
The building will look great when they are finished! Stay tuned!

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