Tuesday, October 8, 2019

On the Market: 119 St. Dunstan's Road

Homeland is full of houses designed by Palmer & Lamdin in the 1920's and they fully reflect the design sense and craftsmanship of the time. They have held their classic good looks for almost a century now. 
As I drove up St. Dunstan's a few weeks ago, my head snapped around and I felt sure that this was a P&L house. I checked my handy-dandy catalogue raissonĂ© and sure enough, there it was: 119 St. Dunstan's Road. There is so much charming detail on this house that it's easy to miss some of it. From the front entrance with its stone- and brick-work, 
to the elegant front hall and the detail along the stairs, 
to the basement "rumpus room" and it's beautiful wood doors,
to the wood-beamed study, lined with books, 
you can see P&L's imprimatur all over the house. 

The rear of the house is pretty interesting, too. They've added a pool, which doesn't overwhelm the grounds, 
but still leaves room for a nice stone wall and some lawn. 
I can't quite figure out whether the sunroom would have been original, or closed in later on. 
The house has five bedrooms, four and a half baths, and a two car garage, and is on the market for $925,000. The listing is here

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