Thursday, March 28, 2019

Tudor-Style Semi-Detached in Guilford

Chancery Square is one of the prettiest spots in Guilford, not for its massive, classically proportioned houses, but for its manageable-size Tudor-style, semi-detached houses surrounding three sides of the square.
Chancery Square begins at the intersection of Fenchurch and St. Martin's Roads, and ends at Chancery Road. It is reminiscent of small villages in England, which was probably the inspiration for these houses. 
Each block of houses is actually three residences. Although the plans in the 1924 Brickbuilder, shows plans for two conjoined houses, the current iteration and the front paths, seem like three houses. Since the house in the plan looks like it's been built, I am not sure which of the three it could be. Now is the time to go spy on these houses, since the trees aren't leafed out yet!
But they are classic Edward Palmer designs, with the projecting and receding facades, the slightly swooping roof-lines and the Jacobean-style chimneys. 

One of these houses recently came on the market, and here's the listing

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