Monday, December 21, 2020

Update on Ken Oak Road

Sometimes, I get comments on posts that have been published ages ago, and they are frequently from someone who had lived, or lives in the house. It's always fun to get a first-hand perspective on living in a P&L house. 

Last week, I received a comment from someone who had lived in the house I wrote about on Ken Oak Road in Mt. Washington. The commenter said that he'd lived in the house from 1976 to 1990. 

He said his room was the one above the garage, formerly the maid's rooms. From the little piece of the plan he sent along, it looks like it was a little suite with an attached bath. 
Here's what else he had to say when I asked him how he'd found the P&L website: 

Reminiscing with my mom and doing a Google search on the architects. I was born in 1969 and we moved into Ken Oak February of 1976. It was off seeing the true front of the house on Cross Country Boulevard, yet have the Ken Oak Road address. The back yard used to be a flat area with a small sloping hill down to the sidewalk and bus stop. My parents added a pool and the fence summer of 1976. The shrubs offer a natural boundary by the bus stop and sidewalk. The fence was closer to the pool and pushed back to present day in 1982. 

The garage. I realize some people have a door with six or eight glass panels to let light in. My parents were fine with it staying solid wood. We found out in 1986 that every upstairs floor was hardwood covered with carpet. I had mine pulled up to enjoy that flooring the last few years. The front foyer bathroom also had a large wrap around mirror, so on the side panels you could see multiple reflections. 

My commenter was also kind enough the send me a 1980's photo of the kitchen. 

Sadly, it is in black and white, because the 1970's technicolor wallpaper must have been something!

Thanks so much to my commenter. Your comment and email were much appreciated!

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